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Windows 10 & XBOX One


The State of Gigantic, June 2017

By MO Evangelos
Fri 02 Jun 2017 10:00:00 AM PDT


While the team is heads-down in preparation for the launch of Gigantic, I wanted to take a moment to give our most passionate fans an update. It’s an exciting time for all of us at Motiga as we prepare for a very important release. For those unfamiliar with game development, we’ve been crushing bugs and adding polish items to the game for the last several weeks, and are now working towards submitting it to the final certification process with Microsoft in early June.

While the public-facing updates have dramatically slowed since March, you should know that the team has been laser-focused on launching the game very soon. We’re not quite ready to talk about a specific date, but things are on track for a major update before the end of the month.

In our last State of the Game post we covered many of the important updates in store for our official release. Now that we’ve made more progress, we’d like to provide an update on how some of those things are going:

  • Xbox & Windows 10: The game is currently going through the preliminary certification process in preparation for a proper release in June. This involves passing a number of quality checks set in place by Microsoft, and is the final step before any game is considered officially launched. With the end of the “Game Preview,” you can look forward to less bugs, more polish, and a better overall experience on these platforms.
  • Return to Windows 7+: If you don’t have an Arc account yet, now is a great time to prepare for release by getting one all setup. Head to www.arcgames.com now to download the Arc client and create an account.
  • New Onboarding Experience: One of the biggest areas of feedback we’ve noted during the Open Beta is that “Gigantic is hard.” On the surface it may look like a standard hero shooter, but underneath it is an incredibly deep and strategic experience. We realized we needed to do a better job of explaining many of the mechanics that exist in the game, and have developed a system to walk players through this in a logical way.
  • Bot Matches: We covered this topic last time, and we’re happy to say that our AI-controlled heroes are on track to be a part of our next update, and a key part of the new Gigantic onboarding experience.
  • Voice Chat: As of last week, this system is 100% functional in the development build of the game. It’s an important addition, as it allows players to more effectively communicate and coordinate in an inherently strategic game. Text chat is next up on our roadmap, and will come with a future update.
  • Gameplay & UI tweaks: From hero balancing and major changes to our HUD to an overhauled front end, we’ve quite literally touched and improved just about everything there is in the game.

We haven’t forgotten about the issues you’ve experienced during the Open Beta either. Here’s a quick update on our progress with your game stability.

  • Disconnects: As we’ve dug into this issue, we’ve had to implement better server/game logging in order to more effectively troubleshoot the root cause. This logging is now in place and our team is pouring over all of the data. We’re confident that we can zero in on a solution now that we are getting these improved game logs. A stable matchmaking experience is a top priority for the team.

In addition to all these other things that we've been working on, I'm also happy to inform you that we have already developed a medium-term roadmap for the new content that we'll be bringing to you post-launch. With game updates planned for every four weeks, you can look forward to brand-new Heroes, skins, creatures, and more. We'll also be adding features that will add new depth and excitement to the Gigantic experience. Updating the game at this pace has required a number of changes to our development processes, but we’re excited to be able to frequently ship awesome new content for our fans.

A strong relationship with our community is important to us at Motiga. Your passion for the game helps keep our energy high; thanks for the engagement! Look forward to a major announcement and release VERY soon. You won’t want to miss it!

Phil Frazier (aka MO_Fillycheze)
Executive Producer




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